The Problem About Teenager

View the remaining three episodes/parts of Netflix’s Mini-series (Links to an external site.)

As you view the completion of the story, make notes about those scenes that elicit some sort of emotional reaction from you: anger, upset, fear . . . note any sort of emotional reaction.  After viewing the work, consider reasons why you might have had the reactions you experienced (or lack thereof).  Attempt to relate your reactions to Pitfalls of Critical Thinking as identified in Beyond Feelings.

Then write an essay that identifies and analyzes three of your own pitfalls of critical thinking using the specific terms noted in Beyond Feelings.

  • Do Not write about the pitfalls you observe in the film or its characters.  This activity is all about you.
  • Be sure to discuss specific scenes from the film as examples and support to assist you with explaining your pitfalls.
  • Identifying and making yourself aware of your critical thinking “weaknesses” better prepares you to avoid committing the same thinking errors in the future.
  • Also, explain how (if at all) your understanding for the US criminal justice system has changed as it relates to race?

The essay must be a minimum of  3 full pages.   You are to submit ONE final, polished draft.  There is no rough draft or revision narrative required for this assignment.


  1. There are no revisions.
  2. Make sure you understand the writing prompt and my expectations.
  3. Be careful to conform to MLA style formatting, complete with heading, page numbers, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font. Include a Works Cited page. This does not count towards the 3 pages.
  4. Submit your Word or RTF formatted essay document through this assignment link.

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