Story And Character Concepts

Brainstorm three high level story ideas. In no more than three to four sentences, give a synopsis below. Try to include working title, genre, key characters, setting, themes, and high-level plot. They should be original ideas and not based on any existing book, movie, tv series, etc. Don’t worry, they may be a little rough (and that’s perfectly okay!) but they should give enough detail to develop a story in the future. As always, strive for originality.


Dog Food

In this dark comedy sci-fi adventure set in a distant future, recently married couple Dante and Persephone have traveled across the galaxy for their honeymoon only to realize they forgot to feed their dogs before they left. When they attempt to use experimental time-travel technology to go back in time, something goes bizarrely wrong and their consciousnesses have been teleported into their dogs just minutes after Dante and Persephone originally left for their honeymoon. Exploring the themes of love and survival, the story follows Dog-Dante and Dog-Persephone as they look for a solution to this hair-raising conundrum. 




Part 2: Character Sketch

From one of your three story ideas above, choose one key character to expand upon. It could be the protagonist OR the antagonist. Answer the following questions about this character. Try to be thorough. This is an opportunity to discover something new about your character that may have a heavy influence on the story itself.

1. What is the character’s name? Don’t get hung up on this question if you don’t know, but when one comes to mind, add it here.

2. How old are they?

3. How do they dress?

4. Do they have a family?

5. What were they doing before this story began?

6. Have they had any traumatic experiences in their life?

7. What is their biggest flaw?

8. What is their primary motivation in life? (Remember, hero or villain, they have a morality that dictates that they do what they think is right in order to accomplish what they think needs to be done.)

9. What are their friends like? Are they close or distant? Many or few?

10. What would they be like on a date?

11. Do they have any obsessions?

12. What space have they created for themselves? Describe their home – what do we find in different rooms of their house (e.g. living room, bathroom, garage, etc.)?

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