How to write a business plan

Perhaps you want to become a business owner and you need angel investors to pitch in or it’s simply a business plan essay that is part of your coursework for business class. No doubt you have seen a business plan from a peer and thought, “Why don’t I write my business plan?”. Arguably, writing a business plan is no easy feat, but that does not mean you have to rack your brains too hard to know how to write a business plan, and a good one at that so what most people ask is “Who can write my business plan?”.  Perhaps you have scoured blogs and websites that offer business plan help services but are unsure of where to start. However, it is not uncommon for essay writers to have been asked, “Hey, can you write my business plan?”. Of course, there are those types of business plan help services that provide assistance on how to write a business plan.

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Business Plan Help: Types of Business plans

Most business plans can be characterized as being either conventional business plans or lean start-up business plans. Business plan essays written by students mostly lean towards the former. Knowing how to write a business plan is simply not enough, knowing what type of venture you are writing for is relevant as well. Ordinarily, business plan help services handle traditional business plan essays more than they do lean start-up business plans. Although both are still common, they have different structures. Here we shall go into depth about traditional business plans and lean start-up business plans. Ordinarily, if the request is, “Write my business plan”, most business plan essay writers will assume you mean the traditional business plan. Therefore, it is important to specify otherwise if the plan relates to a start-up when you are seeking a business plan help service. Hereafter, a ‘Write my business plan’ request will be considered a traditional business plan essay.

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How to write a business plan: Structure of a traditional business plan essay

A business plan essay has a well-known structure that demands the writer to delve into specific details in each segment. Consequently, this type of business plan essay is several pages long and requires lots of preliminary work. Although there is a standard outline that dictates how to write a business plan for traditional businesses, the format in which it follows should be relevant to business type and needs. It is important to have a flexible outline. According to various business plan help service sites, a traditional business plan essay can have nine segments.

How to write a business plan: Business plan segmentation

  • Executive summary: The beginning of the business plan essay where you provide a summary of what your business is about and why it will succeed. The statement of mission and vision objectives and the products and services offered are included here. If there is information about the management structure, employees, and location of operations it is prudent they are included.
  • Company overview: Provides more details about the business. Here, you detail problems you are solving, listing the types of consumers, be it other business entities or individual customers. In your business plan essay, this segment is where the competitive advantages of the business are listed, alongside what expertise is available on the management team.
  • Market analysis:   This segment requires a good grasp of your business sector of operations and the targeted consumers that make up the market. This information requires that you undertake extensive market research. It looks at things like future growth projections for the industry and current trends as well. You can also make comparisons of how your business will stack up against the current competition in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Business plan help and writing services having dedicated writers can be handy for this task since it is time-consuming. You can just have them conduct and organize the research for you if time is a constraint and you cannot afford to have the entirety of the business plan essay outsourced.
  • Organization and management:  The organizational structure and management of the business are written under this segment.  This includes what type of legal entity your business is as well as a chart showing the roles of the personnel in your business.
  • Product/service offerings:   Under this segment, you should explain the product or service line your business possesses. Most professionals who can offer business plan help services profess that it is important to detail what value these products and services accord your customers. Other details like patents and intellectual property rights or research and development are included here.
  • Marketing strategy: Here, a description of how your business drives sales and retains its customer base is written. Business plan help experts recommend that you pay attention to this section because it will affect how to write a business plan’s financial projections.
  • Funding requirements:  Where the goal of the business plan is to acquire additional funds, your business plan essay will include this segment explaining why you need financing in the form of a funding request. Pay attention that funding can be in either debt form or equity.
  • Financial statements and projections:  You should always include financial statements accompanying your funding request to show that the business is viable and will continue to be in the foreseeable future, through a projection of say, five years.
  • Appendix: This is the final segment that outlines additional information from documents accompanying the business plan to lend the business credibility such as product images or legal documents like licenses.

With the above format, there should be no hesitance on how to write a business plan. However, for those who know how to write a business plan, sometimes writing a business plan essay can be a tedious undertaking and that is why business plan help services are part of an essay writer’s repertoire. So best believe that if you ask, “Can you write my business plan?”, you will be pleased with the results.

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