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How to write a speech can be a daunting task in itself. Even among the most famous professional speechwriters, there are several ways of how to write a speech. A major source of speech writing anxiety comes from the fact that, unlike other written mediums, speeches get instantaneous feedback from their audiences. The audience’s response to the speech can either be disconcerting or encouraging to the person delivering a speech thus affecting how the rest of it is presented. Additionally, outsourced ‘write my speech’ requests are also some of the most daunting for writing professionals who strive to deliver satisfactory speeches. Just imagine how Jon Favreau felt when Barack Obama told him, “Write my speech”. A lot of effort went into writing that inauguration speech.

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How to write a speech

Speech writing shares many similarities with other written mediums. When researching how to write a speech, it is common to come across several speech writing help websites that outline various speech writing guidelines step by step. Each speech writing help website has its quirks but more often than not, speech writing help will delineate several things that one needs to know before they embark on speech writing. Typically, one learns how to write a speech by thoroughly grasping their audience’s features, the purpose of the speech as well as the length that is required. All these factors are dependent on different scenarios which affect how to write a speech be it the setting or the context for which the speech is being written. It is common to write speeches for professional meetings such as business briefings and workshops, projects, or student address for school or informal events like weddings thus making speech writing a very broad subject.

Speech writing help: guidelines

If unsure of how to write a speech, it is prudent to research speech writing guidelines and speech samples. Some of the research can be looking at ‘write my speech’ requests undertaken by speech writing help writers. Speech writing has some factors to watch out for before you start.

Purpose of the speech: Whether outsourcing a ‘write my speech request’ or writing the speech by oneself, the premise for writing the speech should be identified. The goal of speech writing can be entertainment, inspiration, education, or for the sake of arguing a point. Speech objectives dictate how to write a speech by influencing the tone and delivery otherwise the resulting speech may prove unsuitable. It is not uncommon to get a ‘write my speech’ request that has not been fulfilled the way one wants because they failed to adequately describe the speech’s purpose.

The audience: The type and characteristics of the audience determine the language and ideas relevant for the communication of the message of the speech. This is easily explained; a speech delivered at a business meeting is not the same as that delivered in a science symposium because the technical terms will not be the same.

Length of the speech: The context for which the speech is written determines the length of delivery. It is good to keep this in mind because too long a speech can overwhelm the audience and likewise, a speech that is too short can be underwhelming. The length of a valedictorian’s speech for instance is leagues apart from that of a best man’s speech.

At the end of the day, speech writing help guidelines can only get you so far. It is important to acknowledge that there is no perfect speech that can be conceived in one day. Only through constant improvement and revision can one excel at how to write a speech.

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Speech writing help: the process

To assuage the anxiety of speech writing, a tried and tested process is required. Depending on the difficulty of the scenario posed, the process that outlines how to write a speech can help one reconsider whether a ‘write my speech’ request is worth submitting or not.

The initial step in writing speeches involves drawing up the outline of the speech. This outline defines the structure of the speech from the opening to the closing statement. The structure organizes a speaker’s ideas into sections, which makes them easier to highlight.

After the structure of the speech has been set, the main ideas have to be explained. If the structure and main ideas can be compared to the skeleton of the speech and its parts, then the adding explanations can be likened to fleshing out the speech.

At this stage, the speech is complete, albeit with a rough idea of it. However, the speech is not complete, therefore the speech writing process also includes a review of the material adding to or removing certain areas until a completed draft is made.

Speech writing help experts also recommend practicing the written speech to identify which parts need reviewing. This enables the speechwriter to gauge whether the tone and flow of the speech sound natural otherwise some sentences may be difficult. Practicing also enables one to discern which transitional sentences tie together ideas nicely.

Speech writing help professionals who also handle those ‘write my speech’ demands are also in the habit of reviewing, practicing, and updating the speech until it is assessed to have accomplished its objective. The more creative with ideas the writer is, the better.

Perhaps one may need one more push from speech writing help professionals before considering whether submitting a ‘write my speech’ request to another writer is a viable option. Sometimes a ‘write my speech’ job may be unsuitable and one might get stuck on the first step. A basic structure of a speech consists of the introduction, the message, then takeaways. The introduction describes the speaker and why they are giving the speech. It is also here that the speaker has to gain the audience’s attention. The message contains the main ideas of the speech which should also be explained adequately. The takeaway leaves the audience with thoughts to ruminate. However, submitting ‘Write my speech’ requests can also be a last resort.

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