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Writing a Capstone Project

A capstone project is written towards the end of a student’s tenure and is akin to a culmination of everything that the student covered from the first year of their coursework to their last. Given its nature, writing a typical capstone project is often demanding in terms of time and other resources. When undertaking a capstone project requires the student to pick one of the topics they covered in their coursework and research it in preparation for the final write-up. While research may hinge on carrying analysis of information for the topic of the capstone project, it is not uncommon to have collaborative discussions with other students. As such, a capstone project will also test a student’s teamwork and organizing skills. In that vein, a capstone project is often expected to take at least two semesters of coursework to complete.

Writing a capstone project is similar to writing a dissertation and is subject to academic conventions. However, students are given more leeway regarding what form their project will take, and if circumstances allow, it can take the form of a multimedia presentation. It falls upon the student to make use of their creativity in their capstone project but they should also ensure that its presentation is professional.

The Writing Process:

  1. The Capstone Project Outline.

As mentioned before, capstone projects are unlike other types of college essays written by students. Due to the scope of activities involved in preparing a capstone project including both theoretical and practical work, there is a need to create a plan around which these activities are organized. Therefore, the first step that is required when writing a capstone project is creating a capstone project outline. The capstone project outline guides the structure on which the student will write and also helps highlight the premise of the project and its objectives logically.

  1. Picking the project’s premise

The project premise is the topic that is the basis for writing the capstone project.  During this stage of the capstone project, the student focuses on selecting a suitable topic that is within the bounds of what they have learned. Selecting a suitable topic also means that it is not too narrow to restrict how much content is written bearing in mind the length of the project. It should also not be so broad that the content is superficial. Since the topic chosen when writing a capstone project is left to the student’s discretion, there is room to select the topic that is most interesting to write about. For instance, one can ask how the application of their course material will help address the issues that abound around them. Brainstorming is a good way of picking out a topic and formulating a research question for a capstone project.

  • Creating a research proposal

When writing a capstone project, it is important to get approval from the faculty advisor or professor. A research proposal aims to inform and provide a basic comprehension of what the project is about. A research proposal need not be exhaustive but theories that are essential to the research question should be included. It is also important to highlight literature that can provide pertinent information or methodologies that the student expects to use in conducting the main body of research. A research proposal should also reflect the capstone project’s outline that will be used to write the actual project. Although students are free to choose their topic of research, it is advisable to provide alternative proposals in case one is rejected.

  1. Researching and reviewing the literature.

This part of writing the capstone project comes after the research proposal has been accepted.  Of the writing process, this is the most taxing in terms of time and resources. During this step, the student should collect extensive information on their chosen topic from all accessible sources be in scholarly journals, online repositories, and libraries or websites. Reviewing literature also goes in tandem with researching and involves looking at the accuracy and relevance of the information gathered during collection. The student’s interpretation of the information is paramount to understanding and applying it to the research problem and may also include critiquing the strength and shortcomings of their respective sources. Usually, a dedicated section of the written capstone project is dedicated to this activity. Since many methods may have been used to gather information, it is important to note the sources used and standardize them for reference using an acceptable academic convention.

  1. Selecting the project form and presentation.

A capstone project rarely possesses any strict conditions imposed on the form of presentation. While one is free to decide on the type or format of presentation, they should pay attention to the type of audience they are communicating to. The capstone project should be written in a way that best showcases the findings of one’s research. Visual presentations and multimedia are some of the best techniques of driving the point home when presenting a capstone project.

Types of Capstone Projects

Nonetheless, there are several types into which capstone projects have been categorized depending on the level of education, school, or faculty of study. Since capstone projects are common in bachelor’s or master’s programs, the following designations exist:

Case studies: This type of capstone project involves research that examines documented successes or failures. It examines the relationship between institutions, individuals, policies, and decisions pertinent to the topic.

Findings-based analyses: This type of capstone project examines programs and their implications on the population affected. It highlights the objectives of the implementation and actual versus expected results.

Focus groups: Such a project organizes a small population of individuals based on certain criteria to obtain a sample of individuals to be involved in the research. Here, their responses are measured based on a set of queries and may include their opinions on the use of certain products, services or take on issues.

Surveys: These capstone projects call for use of the student’s observational skills to collect, analyze and present information.

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