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Our prices are competitive within the industry and we make sure that we match quality with price. our pricing is largely based on type of writer, deadline, education level among other factors. however, we provide coupons regularly  that ensures you get your essays completed at the best and affordable rates.

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250 Words
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Price per page
  • 275 words/ page/PPT Slide
  • Font 12 (Times New Roman)
  • Single/Double spaced pages
  • SWS Formatting Requirements
Our Essay features incluede:

  • Well Formatted according to specific format required
  • Partial payment
  • Copy of sources
  • Free revision or free paper

Get your essay writing needs completed by us and enjoy these and more benefits:

Personal Touch

To clearly understand what our cients want, we always work together with them to ensure they get exactly what they ordered for.

Fast Turn-around time

Whether you have a last minute discussion post due in a couple of hours or the last day in class and you totally forgot to work on that research paper, we always put everything aside to save your grade

Over 80+ Subjects

We do not turn down any type of work. We have qualified writers holding bachelors, graduate and Doctoral certificates matched with skill and expertise to help you on that nerve wracking assignment/task

Real time order tracking

We have a user friendly interface to help you track the progress on your order from your client porta. Additionally, with each and every step, you will get notified on the status of your paper to give you an easy time to do other kinds of stuff


Well written assignment

Our qualified team of experts have access to varied online library databases to help with recent and well researched tools that help in writing your paper to deliver a profound research that earns you a stellar grade


Additional features

whereas majority of websites require payment for bibliography or samples, we provide these free of charge. Some of the extra features include free title page, full formatting, copy of sources, chat with writer

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Our Winning Team

Delivering quality over the years has been attributed to a great winning team. Our winning team comprises of a credible team of qualified academic writers with high level of writing, great customer  service team and a qualified quality assurance team.

Our Writing Team

We have employed over 500+ writers who are always available to offset all your budernsome writing needs. Whether you have a discussion post, term paper, case study or capstone alltogether across different disciplines, we will get you taken care of.

24/7 Customer Service

We have a dedicated team of customer service who are always available to help you with any needs such as placing an order, coupons among others

Quality Assurance Editors

Once your paper is completed by the assigned writer, it is passed onto the Quality Assuranc Editing Team. Their sole purpose is to cross check the already completed paper against provided instructions and make sure the paper is ready-to-submit

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On our Order Page, fill in all instructions providing all details as much as possible. Remember, we can only help you achieve the best results through getting as much requirements as needed. For instance attach class readings, rubrics and any additional information from the professor.

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Upon posting your order, our team matches your order to the best writer available who matches your qualifications

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Your order is reviewed by an independent editor who ensures quality assurance before being marked as completed

The completed paper is posted to client portal for downloading

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Still not yet sure, here are some of the reviews provided by independent clients who have expressed both their satisfaction and disatisfaction upon every assignment.

How can we even make your school life easier with our services?

We always strive to provide the best techniques and skills that help your essay a stellar paper. We have achieved this through the years by offering features such as:


Progressive Delivery

Your order is assigned to a writer who deliveres your bulk research projects in small chunks and making edits upon feedback from the professor


Native Writers

Our writers are varied across different coutnries such s Canada, Australia, U.K and the United States. Request a native speaker writer to help you ace that paper


Sources/ References

Request sources used to do your paper from our writers at no extra cost


Top rated writers

Order from among the top 10 rated writers at no extra cost


Powerpoint slides & other visuals

Order a visual such as Powerpoint to better expound your research paper at $10 per slide including speaker notes


Sample Papers

We understand clients can get skeptical and may need to read an already written paper from our qualified writers

Security & Privacy of your information

The Privacy and security of your information is paramount to our service delivery. By the virtue of trust you bestow upon us, we ensure that your information is not availed to third parties for whatsoever reason. Additionally, we ensure secure checkout and your payment data is well stored and protected from any breach.

  • We use antitheft software systems to help keep malware and protect a breach of your data
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What are some of the disciplines that you offer essay writing services on?

  • Humanities and social science
  • Natural sciences
  • Formal sciences
  • Professions and applied sciences
  • Education
  • Business & Accounting
  • Architecture and design
  • Agriculture
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Economics

  • Journalism, media studies and communication
  • Human physical performance and recreation
  • Family and consumer science
  • Environmental studies and forestry
  • Engineering and technology
  • Ethnic and cultural studies
  • Political science

  • Systems science
  • Statistics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Pure mathematics
  • Logic
  • Computer sciences
  • Space sciences
  • Physics
  • Earth sciences
  • Biology & Chemistry

We offer our essay writing services across many concievable disciplines that haven’t been mentioned above. You may request a quote on any subject that you need help with.

Get control of your grades with our essay writing service

Let’s face it. We have all been there. Every person in school particularly college faces that one time they forgot to turn in a paper or atleast remembered a case study due in a couple of hours. The worst comes when you’re dealig with a tough professor who always imposes unkind punishments for late delivery or missed assignments and is not willing to give you an extension. At essays nest we understand the struggles and challenges students have to endure. As a result, we have developed a working system that helps you get control over your grades through ordering your next paper with essays nest

We take it further and ensure a personal interaction to meet every detail of instruction

As the writers work tirelessly to get off your school workload, our support team are always available to help incase you need assistance. Additionally, our support team is well experienced and may at times give you advice on how you can get the most out of our services. Some of the features from our support team include these and more.

  • Around the clock assistance
  • Review instructions and advices on best way to order
  • Resolution on any issue you may have with your paper and advice best way forwad
  • Compensation for any issues that may occur and unresolvable
  • Update you on the progrss of your assignment

Cutting Edge Online Class Help

At essays nest, we take it further and provide assistance on your online classes. We understand that sometimes you may forget  to upload an already completed order on your schools portal, which is why we came up with this service. Upon consultation and agreement, we get your login credentials and post every paper on your behalf while monitoring the professors feedback and also getting a direct response from the papers. In simple terms, we manage your online class for you!

Sure, we understand you may get a bit skeptical about sharing your credentials but would like to assure you the details are handled in a highly confidential manner. In any case you face an issue, you may reach out to our support team for assitsance

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